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I purchased a truck in 1997. The truck is not drivable, cant get rid of it, cant license it, cant sell it because of not having a lein release. I can sure get multiple tickets for having an unlicensed vehicle on my property. This company sucks.

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How is Arcadia Financial a lienholder of my Dodge van I purchased in 2003? I paid that car off a long, long time ago. I never used Arcadia to finance this vehicle. What is going on? I checked CyberDriveIllinois and found this out just today. Do I need to request the title from them? My ex wife has been driving the van for the past 7-8 years. and wants the title transferred to her. I'm going to have her follow up on this and God help you, she... Read more

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Unable to receive my title to my truck

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i purchased a car in2001 payed it off in2006 and have not recieved a letter of lien satisfaction

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Can u please call me at 1-985-201-0574 I would like to speak to a person that can speak English please it's about my truck title

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I paid my vehicle off 7 years ago and have yet to have received my title. Since it is still in their name legally i hope it is not stolen and involved in an accident because i have cancelled the insurance on it. Read more

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I went to DMV and found out that there was a lien on my vehicle.I've received a title, but can't find it. This is the first time I have known anything about a lien. My car was faithfully paid off, and there is no way to contact these people.I need to know exactly how to handle this situation, and how to lift this illegal lien on my vehicle. Please help me and all the other people that is dealing with this unfortunate situation. This... Read more

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My parents payed there jeep off.When they went to sale it this year found out Arcadia financial didn't report to D.M.V that it was now payed off.Now can't register it because they are saying there is a lean on it.Arcadia Financial is a scam.They took my parents for 20,000 then the 6,000 they had to return to the dude who was going to buy the jeep.They are very wrong company. Now this company is now gone not no were to be found.This ant wright at... Read more

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To whom it may concern: I purchased a 1996 truck from you back in 1998 and have since lost the title to my truck, i had the truck financed by you and faithfully had paid off the truck. I had got in touch with the texas department of transportation and they requested i get with you and have you send me a copy of my release of lien printed on your company letterhead. I am leaving you the information on the truck, Thank You, Ronnie Lamar. 1996... Read more

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